Scotty believes the city is at a crossroads. A new mayor and largely new city council means there is a unique opportunity to make progress on the issues that matter most. In his more than three decades of public service to Cincinnati, Scotty has seen the core issues affecting people all across the city.

On Council, Scotty will continue to be a bridge-builder and stand up for what he knows is right. He will immediately get to work on three key issues that are important to him and so many of the communities he hopes to serve:

  1. Jobs - working to bring new good-paying jobs to underserved neighborhoods that are accessible to all. Whether it be bringing together resources to help entrepreneurs thrive or connecting larger employers to overlooked neighborhoods, Scotty knows Cincinnati’s growth needs to include everyone.

  1. Housing - as a law enforcement officer, Scotty knows what it takes to be a bridge-builder between communities and the resources they need to succeed. As housing prices in the city have skyrocketed, wages and the number of housing units have remained stagnant. Scotty will advocate for an all-of-the-above approach that will include improving density and incentivizing affordability. Scotty sees housing as a holistic issue stemming from wage, transportation, and social factors.

  1. Public Safety - neighborhoods can’t succeed until they are safe for everyone. Scotty will work to build a bridge between the city’s police and fire departments, along with vital social services, to help reduce crime and strengthen transparency. Scotty supports a refresh of the Collaborative Agreement, along with increased funding for key social service providers that can help lift many out of poverty.